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Gypsum board – a…

22Gypsum board is a “core” of natural gypsum, pasted on both sides kartonom.Razlichayut: conventional (GCR), moisture (gypsum plasterboard), fire (GKLVO) sheets gipsokartona.Gipsokarton clause is used for the construction of walls, ceilings, and walls.

Environmentally friendly product

ggggPlates AZIA GIPSOKARTON consist of gypsum board on both sides obkeennoy vysokokachesvennym special kartonom.Nash gypsum is odorless, does not emit harmful to human health veschestv.Prekrasnye properties of our plaster as a material stoitelnogo improved by environmentally friendly methods of production.

It supports indoor climate

gggipDue to the large number of pores in plaster AZIA GIPSOKARTON, plasterboard best help regulate humidity pomeschenii.Stroitelnye materials boshe amount of macropores can absorb excess moisture from the air, accumulating it and then give, as the air will become dry. Thus, these materials are conditioned air.

Does not burn

potFeature plates AZIA GIPSOKARTON – prevent the outbreak of fires. About 20% consists of gypsum crystallized bound water. Thus, the plate thickness of 15mm holds 3 liters of water per sq.m. During the fires that water acts as an “internal fire extinguisher.” Our plasterboard systems garantiriyut quality lining from the basement to the roof with minimal costs money. Light facing kontstruktsii facilitate load-bearing building elements on.


potsAZIA GIPSOKARTON pasteboard systems – provide excellent sound insulation. Double kontsruktsii with flexible akustichnom concept of layers to effectively absorb sound energy through vibrations of elastic layers. Having the correct fastening material, anywhere you can hang drywall constructions different subjects. Depending on the size and weight of the subject, you can choose a variety of hooks and hollow plugs.