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Mosaic refers to the upscale interior materials. This kind of facing is surface finish by sticking a plurality of small elements of glass that form a pattern. Earlier majolica directly pressed into the tile on a solution. Today it is possible to order the mosaic laying on the grid by special technology, which allows to collect image immediately, and then later transfer it completely to the surface.Mosaic is used for finishing: • walls (finishing the entire wall area, laying of curbs, panels);• Floor;• Furniture;• Consoles, shelves, podiums, niches, etc.• Tabletops;• Shower;• Pool • Stairs.
Mosaic is often used to create the design panels. To facilitate operation with a mosaic made in the form of sheets stacked on the paper-based or mesh elements.Dimensions of square panels: 10×10, 20×20, 30×30 cm, etc. The small size of the mosaic defines as a variety of finishes and the versatility of its use, and the complexity of the work with this type of decor and more stringent requirements for masters, performing stacking, compared with the installation of the tiles or granite. High-quality services and the best products – for everyone and for everyone!Our experience allows to carry out projects of any complexity. high-end Masters make each piece a work of art. During this time, they developed their own technologies that simplify the installation of our work on different surfaces.Company AZIA MOZAIK guarantees you:- High quality- Affordable prices- Individual approach- Product Reliability- Experienced staff


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Gypsum board – a…

22Gypsum board is a “core” of natural gypsum, pasted on both sides kartonom.Razlichayut: conventional (GCR), moisture (gypsum plasterboard), fire (GKLVO) sheets gipsokartona.Gipsokarton clause is used for the construction of walls, ceilings, and walls.

Environmentally friendly product

ggggPlates AZIA GIPSOKARTON consist of gypsum board on both sides obkeennoy vysokokachesvennym special kartonom.Nash gypsum is odorless, does not emit harmful to human health veschestv.Prekrasnye properties of our plaster as a material stoitelnogo improved by environmentally friendly methods of production.

It supports indoor climate

gggipDue to the large number of pores in plaster AZIA GIPSOKARTON, plasterboard best help regulate humidity pomeschenii.Stroitelnye materials boshe amount of macropores can absorb excess moisture from the air, accumulating it and then give, as the air will become dry. Thus, these materials are conditioned air.

Does not burn

potFeature plates AZIA GIPSOKARTON – prevent the outbreak of fires. About 20% consists of gypsum crystallized bound water. Thus, the plate thickness of 15mm holds 3 liters of water per sq.m. During the fires that water acts as an “internal fire extinguisher.” Our plasterboard systems garantiriyut quality lining from the basement to the roof with minimal costs money. Light facing kontstruktsii facilitate load-bearing building elements on.


potsAZIA GIPSOKARTON pasteboard systems – provide excellent sound insulation. Double kontsruktsii with flexible akustichnom concept of layers to effectively absorb sound energy through vibrations of elastic layers. Having the correct fastening material, anywhere you can hang drywall constructions different subjects. Depending on the size and weight of the subject, you can choose a variety of hooks and hollow plugs.


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Among the variety of finishing materials is difficult to find a more expressive, versatile and durable coating than the mosaic. Mosaic tiles lay out the walls in the bathrooms and a colorful mural in the living areas, kitchen decorate aprons and other interior elements. This material has a distinct decorative surface and the ability to attach an exclusive look. Despite the long history, the mosaic has not lost its relevance today – it relates to a series of spectacular materials, widely used in the decoration of interiors.A variety of mosaic on the mind of the base raw materials, color and texture opens a lot of opportunities for interior decoration – it is important to choose a cover version of the mosaic, which would be combined with the stylistic, color and composition solution space. With this tile with a unique elegant design, you cannot perform any interior. If the room is decorated strictly minimalist style, there will not be used majolica. The room has soft style home or country; it will be perfectly complemented by this original insert. The plane, a mosaic, usually becomes the accent in the interior due to the small size modules.Myths about mosaicHowever, despite the popularity of the already mentioned building material discussed, it should be noted that the glass tile mosaic has become perhaps the most frequent reason for the myth, so we decided to take the time to refute some of the myths about the mosaic tile.1. Many people do not buy this decoration material, being absolutely sure that the main task of the glass mosaic tiles is that at the first opportunity to crack the huge amount of debris. However, it is not so, as in the manufacture of specified tile passes the hardening process.2. A more glass-tile mosaic, some people feel totally unreasonable extremely slippery, but because of its, say, in any case cannot be used for lining the floor. Meanwhile, said tile has a rough surface, and therefore poses no danger to them that walk the floors faced with its people. But washing a tile – a real pleasure!

AZIA MOZAIK company offers a unique selection of mosaics.The possibilities are truly endless mosaic tiles. You can use it to give the house a special atmosphere of refinement and beauty, a unique feeling of comfort and avant-garde.Do not be afraid to experiment and try the original design decisions, it is so exciting and fun to create something new!